Hungry Mother State Park
Marion, VA

2014 Race Date:
Saturday, October 18, 2014

For the most current info, check out the Facebook event page:
Bike Race

There is no pre-registration this year, but please click 'join' on the Facebook event page if you are planning to attend. Thanks!

Course will be the same as last year, and the map is on the main facebook page:
Course Map

Friends Of Hungry Mother

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2013 Fall Fear Results

Place Name Time
1 Derek Dotson 1:36:53
2 Chris Clary 1:58:02

Place Name Time
1 Pam Wynegar 1:19:46

Place Name Final Time
1 Eddie Branch 51:44
2 Brian Archer 56:39
3 Jonathon Pierson 58:37
4 Dakota Smith 1:03:28
5 Alan Sparks 1:04:51
6 Tommy Roe 1:06:45
7 Bill Tilson 1:08:00
8 Brian Bledsoe 1:09:18
9 David Worley 1:13:32
10 Waylan Deskins 1:14:19
11 Robert Day 1:14:21
12 Wayne Saul 1:15:20
13 David Sprinkle 1:16:57
14 Steven Joines 1:22:29
15 James Green 1:28:36
16 Tim Joines 1:29:28
dnf Tom Graham -
dnf Shane Roberts -

Place Name Final Time
1 Kara Patterson 36:39
2 Tami Nitcznski 1:00:14

Place Name Final Time
1 Seth Walls 35:20
2 Eric Eller 48:51
3 David Knopp 1:00:10
4 Jarrett Bevins 1:11:18

Friends Of Hungry Mother
ARNOLD'S EXXON, I-81 Exit 50

Directions To Hungry Mother State Park

Coming from the South (Abingdon/Bristol):
Take I-81 exit 47. Turn left at the bottom of the ramp and
go 0.1 miles to the intersection with Hwy 11. Turn left onto
Hwy 11 and go into Marion.

Coming from the North (Wytheville/Roanoke):
Take I-81 exit 47. The exit ramp ends at Hwy 11. Turn left onto Hwy 11
and go into Marion.

Once you are on Hwy 11, go straight at the first traffic light (near the
closed Exxon station.) The second traffic light will be at the McDonalds and
BP/Subway intersection. At this light, turn right onto Hwy 16 and follow this road
for about 3 miles to Hungry Mother State Park (go straight at the traffic light
near the hospital). Registration is at Camp Burleson, about half a mile BEFORE the main park entrance.

The park address is:

Hungry Mother State Park
2854 Park Blvd
Marion, VA 24354